Isaac (Ike) Crawford is a comic artist/writer based in Springfield, Missouri. This site is home to his self-published works, news/events, and art portfolio.

Isaac Crawford, comic artist/writer
Ike makes comics. That's what it's all about.

Isaac has been making comics for three years, all self-published work that allowed him to focus on honing his craft and telling good stories. In the summer of 2018 he took the plunge, leaving his career as a high school counselor to homeschool his young kids and pursue making comics professionally/freelance, both his own and with collaborators.

Isaac got a bachelor's in Electronic Arts in 2009. He then switched gears to get a Master's degree in school counseling because of his interest in psychology, philosophy, and the human condition. In 2015, he decided to do something he always wanted to do: make comics. Since then, he just keeps making comics.