Isaac Crawford, comic artist and writer
Isaac (Ike) Crawford is a comic artist/writer based in Springfield, MO. This site is home to his self-published works, news, and portfolio.

Further explore the world of Cat and Fiddle in these webcomics...​​

The Culling of Tin Woodman
A giant metal monster rampages through Artemis' Wood. Also the
origin and birth of Fiddle.
Hey Diddle, Diddle
Cat tells us about the story of Hey Diddle, Diddle--and that means how her mother and father met.
Fig Mother
A fun-sad story adapted from African folklore that shares more about the power of Great Trees of which Fiddle was born.
Call of the Bunyip
Adapted from an aboriginal folktale, learn more about the power of music in the wide world of Cat and Fiddle.